Betting for the innovation of preserved products

Garlands it´s the production center located in Ecuador. We believe in innovation and continuous improvement of our preservation process,  guaranteeing a more stable, high quality preserved flower that maintain the fresh appearance and original beauty of nature for years.

The headquarters in Ecuador established in 2011 as Garlands Ecuador has contributed to the Innovaflora group’s consolidation. One of its greatest advantages is the 10 to 12 hours a day of sun exposure, which implies production of 365 days a year. The agricultural conditions and the altitudes above 2,800 meters give Ecuadorian flowers a higher quality than those of their direct competitors. Being located on the equator, Ecuador has four production cycles in one year. Thus, the production of roses is constant and the plants receive perpendicular rays of light, so their stems grow straight, wider, longer, and have larger blossoms.

Our products

Garlands products are oriented towards cultivating and preserving roses (with and without stems), carnations, and mini callas; handling a variety of sizes and presentations. In 2020, one of our star products was launched, the Queen Rose, 32% larger than the Standard rose, allowing our clients to develop larger and more elaborate projects. Ecuador’s roses are not distinguished mainly by their quantity, but rather by their quality. We have improved our stability processes to offer solid and premium products that will last over time. We also have a BASC certification that strengthens the logistics processes toward safe international trade.

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