Perfecting crops and preservation technology

Guirnaldas is the main production center of preserved flowers for the Innovaflora group. In our effort to drive constant growth, we focus on crop optimization and preservation technology.

In Colombia, there are more than 800 people who are specialized in cultivating, cutting, preserving, packing, and distributing preserved flowers and plants. These are very manual processes that require to be gentle and have high attention to detail and quality. 

Crop optimization

Together with Garlands, we make more than 20 hectares located in the Andean zone with differences in height to maintain the ideal climate for the different flowers and plants, some crops are placed higher than 2,000 meters and others below in mountainous areas, this lets us control the ideal temperatures for each flower and/or plant. Guirnaldas grows and preserves roses (with and without stems) and exotic flowers such as the gardenia, cymbidium orchid, dendrobium orchid, carnations, hydrangeas, gerberas, tuberoses, and chrysanthemums.

Preservation technology

Guirnaldas has the most modern plant for preserving flowers with and without stems. The preservation process varies for each product. Everything starts from the characteristics of the fresh product for its correct preservation specification. The preservation process at Innovaflora specializes in making the finished product look as close as possible to a fresh product. It meets the requirements of texture, appearance, and color that the plant material has by nature.

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