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What is Innovaflora and what do we do

Innovaflora is the most important producer and marketing holding of preserved products at a global level. It was created at the end of 2015 with the union of 4 companies, “Florever” in Japan, “Verdissimo” in Spain, “Guirnaldas” in Colombia, and “Garlands” in Ecuador.

The group has offices and operation centers in the following cities: Tocancipá (Colombia), Quito (Ecuador), Valencia (Spain), and Tokyo (Japan). Nevertheless, it has multiple farms of its own allied in different regions of several of these countries, making a total of more than 20 hectares of crops with different varieties of plants and flowers to preserve.

It directly serves more than 40 countries with the largest variety of preserved products in the industry, with a broad portfolio that includes trees, palm trees, flowers, greens, and mosses.

Innovaflora - Naturaleza preservada


Preserved nature

They are mainly natural products that have been treated to maintain their fresh appearance and natural texture, without the need for water or light, for much more time than their natural or fresh state. You can see more about our product portfolio and the process on our pages or


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